Guided Autotransplantation of Teeth: A Novel Method Using Virtually Planned 3-dimensional Templates

Published:November 01, 2016DOI:


      • The latest techniques from guided implant surgery were customized to create a modern teeth autotransplantation method.
      • We describe an innovative treatment to facilitate the transplantation of donor teeth using 3-dimensional printed surgical templates for a guided surgical approach.
      • A fully digital work flow with virtual implementation of suggested guidelines ensuring optimal surgical and prosthodontic preplanning during autotransplantation is presented.
      • Guided preparation of recipient sites using rotating, manual, and piezoelectric surgical instruments is provided.



      The aim of this study was to introduce an innovative method for autotransplantation of teeth using 3-dimensional (3D) surgical templates for guided osteotomy preparation and donor tooth placement.


      This report describes autotransplantation of immature premolars as treatment of an 11-year-old boy having suffered severe trauma with avulsion of permanent maxillary incisors. This approach uses modified methods from guided implant surgery by superimposition of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine files and 3D data sets of the jaws in order to predesign 3D printed templates with the aid of a fully digital workflow.


      The intervention in this complex case could successfully be accomplished by performing preplanned virtual transplantations with guided osteotomies to prevent bone loss and ensure accurate donor teeth placement in new recipient sites. Functional and esthetic restoration could be achieved by modifying methods used in guided implant surgery and prosthodontic rehabilitation. The 1-year follow-up showed vital natural teeth with physiological clinical and radiologic parameters.


      This innovative approach uses the latest diagnostic methods and techniques of guided implant surgery, enabling the planning and production of 3D printed surgical templates. These accurate virtually predesigned surgical templates could facilitate autotransplantation in the future by full implementation of recommended guidelines, ensuring an atraumatic surgical protocol.

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